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FPSO Maintenance Engineer Job Description

Đăng bởi GoViec Vào lúc 11:00 05/07/2017

FPSO Maintenance Engineer Job Description for reference 


  •  Develop maintenance philosophy, plan and schedule in coordination with the operation and maintenance department. 

  • Develop maintenance deliverables and procedures in accordance with technical specifications and safety and targeting plant uptime maximisation. 

  • Technically support engineers and operations targeting plant uptime and availability. 


  • Develop Maintenance/Spare Part/Lubrication Operability and Maintainability plans as required by the project. 

  • Develop and maintain procedures compliant with project Scope of Work. 

  • Carry out quality control of all data produced. 

  • Estimate work activities and maintain schedule compliance. 

  • Execution/Evaluation/Control 

  • Close the gap of general punch listing with regard to all data entry for registering, reporting and rectification of incorrect documentation. 

  • Compile data and prepare deliverables for consolidated Plan 

  • Ensure appropriate progress and technical reporting 

  • Promote HSE culture via strong safety leadership, ensuring all activities are undertaken with full knowledge of Client's commitment to HSE. 

  • Prepare and deliver Preventive Maintenance Plan and Program, On-Condition Monitoring Plan, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Lubrication Plan. 

  • Use KPIs to monitor trends and identify when corrective actions are needed. 

  • Perform Reliability Analytics, Root Cause Analysis and recommendations 

  • Maintenance Engineer and Spare Parts Engineer. 

  • Collect from Suppliers, review and amend Spare Parts. 

  • Prepare and deliver Spare Parts recommendations. 

  • Maintenance Engineer and CMMS Engineer 

  • Build Functional Location hierarchy 

  • Implement and maintain Client CMMS 

FPSO: A floating production storage and offloading unit is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil & gas Industry for the production and processing of hydrocarbons, and for the storage of oil.

The FPSO concept allows oil companies to produce oil in more remote areas and in deeper water than would have been economically possible with other technology, like fixed piled structures. Furthermore, it has storage capacity for the treated crude oil produced and is equipped with an offloading system to transfer the crude oil to shuttle tankers for shipment to refineries, rather than requiring a pipeline to transport oil to shore.




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