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Thông tin tuyển dụng

Số lượng tuyển dụng: 1
Kinh nghiệm: 5+ năm kinh nghiệm
Trình độ: Đại học
Ngành nghề: Dầu khí/ Địa chất/ Khoáng sản,Hàng hải/ Tàu biển
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Chuyên viên / Kỹ sư
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Loại công việc: Chính thức

Mô tả công việc

Key Objectives: 

To operate and maintain all marine systems in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with the Facility Management System.

To understudy the Sr. Cargo Operator and assume the duties and responsibilities of the Sr. Cargo Operator during the absence of the Sr. Cargo Operator from the facility.


  • To monitor FPSO stability with reference to stability, trim, stress and bending moments when on duty as per loading and monitoring plan.
  •  Implement the cargo plan prepared by Operation Supervisor Manager the discharge of produced water from slop tank to overboard as per plan made by Operation Supervisor, monitor ppm reading on the OCM for slop tank in Engine Room and take physical water sample from OCM drain for laboratory analysis by Production Operator to compare with ppm reading on the OCM.
  • Assist Sr. Cargo Operator/OS with tank washing and gas freeing operations as “responsible person”.
  •  Ensuring the off take equipment and machineries, such as the IGS system, offtake meter and prover, cargo pumps, are always functioning correctly.
  •  Responsible for the operation of the cargo pumps during offtake operation and assist as required.
  •  Periodic inspection of cargo/hydraulic lines and valves.
  •  Carryout routine helicopter operations and assist as helicopter landing officer (HLO) or deck crew when required.
  •  Calculate daily production figures by way of manual ullages using UTI
  •  Maintain facility keys and security systems
  • Prepare PTW for next day by night shift duty. ​​​​​​​

HSE RESPONSIBILITIES: To provide support during emergency response and take charge of the emergency muster station.


Liaise with OS and Sr. Cargo Operator on day to day marine activities.

To familiarize any junior staff and trainee cargo operators.

Yêu cầu công việc


  1. Relevant operating experience on an FPSO or similar facility preferred and
    detailed knowledge of tanker operations includes crude oil washing, inert gas systems and marine safety systems.
  2. Experience with safety management systems preferred.
  3. Experience in tandem mooring and unmooring system large vessels at offshore moorings preferred.
  4. Experience as Second Mate on tanker sailing vessel preferred.


  1. Class 3 Certificate of Competency or equivalent with Tanker Endorsement.
  2. GMDSS Operators Certificate.
  3. Good personal and interpersonal skills, good command of English and culturally aware with experience of working with multicultural workforce preferred.
  4. Oil tanker familiarization certificate
  5. Advanced training programme on oil tanker operation
  6. Advanced fire fighting
  7. Personnel survival techniques, Fire prevention and fire fighting, Elementary first aid, Personnel safety and social responsibilities
  8. Offshore Fire Fighting and Helicopter Survival certification
  9. Offshore Medical Certification

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