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Deck Officer/ Radio Operator Lưu việc làm

Thông tin tuyển dụng

Số lượng tuyển dụng: 1
Kinh nghiệm: 1-3 năm kinh nghiệm
Trình độ: Đại học
Ngành nghề: Dầu khí/ Địa chất/ Khoáng sản,Hàng hải/ Tàu biển
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Chuyên viên / Kỹ sư
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Loại công việc: Chính thức

Mô tả công việc

The Deck Officer will exhibit exemplary deck leadership, managerial and safety behavior and will ensure that all aspects of Marine and all deck activities as daily are carried out effectively. Delegated tasks will be monitored and controlled. 

The Deck Officer will support under the guidance of Chief Officer for deck activities such as cargo loading, support in FSV operations, Offtake operations, and Bunker operations. He will work with Captain as required where the safety of the crew and vessel is concerned. He also supports Captain/Master to monitor the FSO situation/handling location in the field.

Accountable For: Typical Responsibilities & Standards 

1) Manage And Supervise Effectively 

  • Maintain LSA/FFA Equipment and records in compliance with PMS and company procedure. 
  • Maintain watch and monitor in CCR when moored to CALM Buoy and Navigation watch when disconnected from CALM Buoy.
  •  In charge of Radio watch, GMDSS and Helicopter operations communications.
  • Support Cargo Supervisor/Chief Officer for marine related, cargo-related and deck activities.
  • Carries out role as Permit To Work Controller and effectively manage as per company procedure
  • Support and monitor under guidance from Cargo Supervisor/Chief Officer for FSV operations alongside, Offtake, Bunkering operations.
  • Effectively support in Crew training on board. 
  • Effective CALM Buoy watch when moored to CALM buoy in compliance with company procedure
  • If no Medic on board, 2nd Deck Officer acts as Medical Officer on board in consultation with master and maintains medical chest stock and inventory.
  • Maintain all records pertaining to marine, cargo, safety and navigation as per requirement and company procedures.

2) Loading/Backload of cargo, Personnel transfer, FSV activities 

  • Supervise Loading/Backload of Cargo from FSV and personnel transfer using Personnel transfer basket.
  • Maintain effective communication with FSV or other crafts coming alongside.
  • Cargo loaded to be stowed properly and safely on board.
  • Monitor crane operations during FSV activity and ensure it is carried out safely as per company procedures

3) Perform Emergency Response Role 

  • Carry out Emergency Response role.  
  • Demonstrate competence during Emergency drills and exercises. 
  • Assist master effectively during Emergencies

4) Monitor And Maintain Pollution Control Measures 

  • Controlled process discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits 
  • Unplanned discharges are identified, halted where possible, and reported according to policy, procedure, and regulation. 
  • Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure


  • Prepare to Start Marine Operations. 
  • Start-Up Marine Operations 
  • Monitor and Maintain Marine Operations 
  • Prepare and shutdown Marine Operations 
  • Manage and Supervise Effectively 
  • Contribute to control of critical situations and respond to emergencies 
  • Monitor and maintain pollution control measures 
  • Carry out emergency response role 


Yêu cầu công việc

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:   

  1. Class 1 Deck Officer STCW 95 (Master Mariner-Unrestricted) plus DCE for Petroleum /Gas as appropriate 
  2. 4 years sea service on VLCC or Crude Oil Tankers and minimum of 1- year minimum at Deck Officer Rank. 
  3. Knowledge of tanker terminal activities.  
  4. Very good communication skills in English
  5. Certificates required:
  • Graduated from Marine University (Degree: Ship Navigation);
  • Having Vietnam Certificate of Competence ranked Deck Officer issued by Vietnam Marine Administration,  Seaman’s Book, Seaman’s Passport, Normal Passport (Issued by Immigration Department);
  • STCW certs: Basic training per IMO, RADAR, ARPA, Medical first aid and medical care, Advanced Fire Fighting, Bridge Resource Management, GMDSS/GOC, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Ship Security awareness, Designated security duties, Oil Tanker Familiarization, Oil tanker Advanced, Maritime English - Level 2;
  • Having certs: Maritime Medicine, Meteorological Observation; Aviation Radio Operation; Confined Space entry, Fire Team Leader, T-BOSIET/FOET.

Additional Preferred: 

  • Extensive knowledge of offshore FSO operations, including Production, Process, Utilities, Marine Maintenance, and 
  • Safety Management. 

Personal Skills 

  • Personal: Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Capable of assertive and positive communication and performance.  
  • Leadership: Exemplary safety and managerial leadership skills. Good levels of written and spoken communication in English language. Clear understanding of behavioral personnel issues and logistics. 
  • Technical: Appropriate standard of technical, legal and professional knowledge as defined by competences. 
  • IT:  Practical familiarity with standard ‘Office’ software package. Operation and use of Internet and electronic mail system. 

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