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Structural Supervisor (Giám sát kết cấu) Lưu việc làm

Thông tin tuyển dụng

Số lượng tuyển dụng: 4
Kinh nghiệm: 3-5 năm kinh nghiệm
Trình độ: Đại học
Ngành nghề: Kết cấu Công nghiệp,Dầu khí/ Địa chất/ Khoáng sản,Cơ khí/ Kỹ thuật ứng dụng/ Tự động
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Giám sát
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Loại công việc: Chính thức

Mô tả công việc

1.      Responsible for project safety, schedule, quality and effectiveness  to Construction Manager and  Project Manager,  in terms of Structural Fabrication.

2.      Seize structural fabrication procedure, closely and synchronically coordinate with Engineering to supervise and control fabrication quality.

Seize the volume of structural work in project, coordinate  with the Planning discipline to make appropriate manpower  schedule for each construction fabrication  stage.

4.      Read and understand all construction drawings, detect any errors or inappropriate points compared to the reality; and then guide workers to complete tasks effectively and  accurately.

5.      Coordinate with workshops and planning department to mobilize cranes and forklift trucks so as to complete construction work with fast speed and high  effectiveness.

6.      Coordinate with QAQC discipline to implement dimensional inspection and NDT after welding completion with the aim of preventing manpower waste.

7.      Participate in bidding, read and seize requirements in bidding documents, which relate to structure, so as to accurately propose manpower, consumable materials and  equipments.

8.      Detect and prevent the risk of safety loss, health damage and environment pollution in not only the internal discipline but also relevant working areas.

9.      Analyze any risks of HSE and comply with the QHSE and OHSAS procedures of the company and the project. Responsible for HSE policies in the section in  –charged.

10.  Propose appropriate plans and timetables  for  work  of structural fabrication.

11.  Propose to Engineering discipline to issue appropriate and accurate drawings.

12.  Propose ideas and methods for improving work efficiency and quality.

13.  Propose ideas to Construction Manager to solve and complete project assignedtasks.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor/ Diploma or higher in Civil, Mechanical Industrial fields and Marine work....

- Have experience in Structural  field

- English: Reading technical document

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